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Decoding Happy Childhood

"A happy childhood is one of the best gifts that parents have in their power to bestow."

- Mary Cholmondeley

We now know that the crucial first seven years of child’s life play a pivotal role in determining how she/he turns out as an adult. I believe childhood gives every one a tool and trauma to wade through the life and also co create the future.

It important that parents give it a very important thought, together and individually, on what sort of experiences they want their child or children to be exposed to. They say that children especially during their growing years are like sponge, they absorb all the experiences around them and understand it the way presented by their parents or grandparents or any influential adult. Children also have vivid imagination and every incident they experience will have a lasting effect on them.

Every household has a pattern of lifestyle, set beliefs, influenced by our parents, grandparents and so on chronologically. So many helpful traditional wisdom are passed on, to the next generation but also pay heed to lifestyle patterns and beliefs that may no longer work or hold good for us or our kids in current times.

Is there a rule book on how to be happy and how to bring up happier children?

No , there is no one way to it ,of course there are many things written and advised which can be taken as a point of reference, but each parent will have to find their own way to it.

We can start, by asking ourselves few questions though, like

Whatever makes us happy, can it make our kid also happy?

What are the repercussions of Comparison?

As an individual ,are we at peace with ourselves, and have we accepted every aspect of ours and embraced ourselves.

Can we encourage gender neutral discussions and conversations at home?

What’s freedom and how important is Choice?

Do you listen to your child?

Our kid’s happy childhood starts from the parent’s demeanor, the ambiance they create, the conversations they have, the space they create for their kids to express, discover , choose and decide their own path.