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We strive to provide a wholesome Robotics & STEAM education to primary & higher secondary  schools and colleges students.

  Our integrated syllabus and fun learning environment will keep the student interested and explore the world of Robotic sciences. As they learn new things, they will also be receptive to ever changing technology and get inspired to explore careers in science and technology.

Our curriculum and teaching methodology is designed to ensure the students attention and interest

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About Founders:-


Mr.Arun Rajeev - Managing Director & Founder ,i-RoboChakra


 An engineer graduate and post graduate in management, Arun is very passionate about Robotics as a subject and believes that the knowledge of this science must reach every student .He brings together his experience as design engineer with Honda & Nissan during his 3 year stint in Japan where he gained wide exposure to robotics through expo’s , presentations and self learning .

 “Robotics is a very fascinating subject which brings together Science , Technology,Mathematics,Arts & Engineering (STEAM).Learning this subject ensures  enhanced creative skills , logical & analytical thinking and possibilities of great inventions. At irobochakra we believe that knowledge is power and with power comes responsibilities , hence our students will be taught to apply their learning for betterment of the society".


Ms.N.A.Sujatha - Founder and Strategic Alliances , i-Robochakra

   An experience designer and retail marketing professional with over 13 years experience.Currently works with Brookefields Mall , Coimbatore as Mall Marketing Manager.She is enthusiastic about connecting communities  to create awareness on Sustainable Lifestyle , Environment Conservation and  Happy Childhood.Her events have created social impact and she has won many awards and recognition for the same.

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