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Summer Robotics Knowledge Camp 2019 (SRKC'19)

Most useful and effective SUMMER CAMP of this year

So, the schools final exams are going to get over and here starts the confusions of every parent in their mind. “Which summer camp can I join my child this vacation”.

Few interesting clips taken from our previous camps / competitions.



Our academy is located at

58, Amman kovil street,

near Avila Convent school,

Venkitapuram, Saibaba Colony,

Coimbatore 641013.



  • Camp starts from March 22, 2019 onwards and goes uptill May 31, 2019

Who can enroll?

  • All child (both male/female) between age group of 7yrs to 16yrs.

Our mission is simple : “ to provide wholesome robotics education to students of all ages, so that it evokes the creative and construction part of their brain by applying  practically what they have learnt theoretically in their schools”

Scroll through the photos of our young innovators and previous camp.

What does the child learn in this knowledge camp?

  • The Child would be introduced to a different experiment based on their Grades (Age), starting from

  • Easy modeling only experiments

  • Intermediate level Modelling, assembly and programming experiments

  • Advanced programming to solve the task experiments.

  • We have a curriculum set based on the Maths and Science subjects of students depending on their Grades of study. As the child creates different robots they are practically learning what they have theoretically learned in their school.

Takeaways from  this knowledge camp

  • Satisfaction of learning to make a working Robot by themselves.

  • Apart from the fun filled learning experience your child goes through at the summer camp, we are also providing a course completion certificate for those who complete the summer camp.

  • If that is not enough we are even more happy to announce that we are providing for the first time a [FREE]Robotics DIY kits to every child who enrolls in this Summer Camp program. The Do it Yourself kit can be taken along with them and assembled at their home and also shown to their friends and families.

Thank you

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