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Hope you have claimed the Amazon Gift card , we send you?

After claiming the Gift card Click the image below to make the purchase on the product 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Why should I buy from Amazon? Why can't you send it?     [Click here]

Dear Parent, We are going through this process due to following reasons, mentioned below

  • As explained in the enrollment video, this product is not manufactured by us.
  • We purchasing and then resending to you would be a waste of valuable time.
  • Amazon delivery is very smooth and hasselfree.
  • Incase there is defect in the product, Amazon return option is also smooth and easy.
  • Reduce tax implecation (if any)

2. You had said that it is FREE, Now iam purchasing it?         [Click here]

Dear Parent, We have already given you the cost of the product as amazon gift card, which you would have already claimed to your Amazon user id and is available on your amazon pay wallet. Then while you make a purchase you are actually using that money only. Hence it is obviously FREE... :)

3. Why should I pay for Courier charges?     [Click here]

Dear Parent, As explained in the enrollment video, the product is only provided FREE, as a bonus offer. Moderate shipping charges will apply, if you are not an Amazon prime member. If you are a Amazon Prime member, the shipping is FREE.

4. I don't have an Amazon account?              [Click here]

Thats very rare in today's situation. However it is very easy to create the an account in Amazon. Kindly search on Google to create the same or get a friends help.

5. There is no Amazon service in my area. What to do? [Click here]

​Now, thats a problem. You can whatsapp to 9655312329 mentioning the same. The next step is that we will have to buy it for you and then re ship it to your address again by other courier service. This would take that extra time, which need to be considered. But if the No service is temporary, because of city Lockdown or so, then it is always better to wait a little and then recheck, as Amazon Delivery is better option.