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Study robotics online:
Online Robotics Training

iRobochakra has started Online training for students interested in learning robotics. We have a one on one training programs for school and college students. The recent situation around the world have prevented the students from going out of house, and iRobochakra believes that the learning should not stop where ever they are. Thus this course is designed in such a way that there is a direct interaction with the educator through online video softwares like Zoom, Google meet, Hangout etc.. The student can interact with the educator and clear his/her doubts during the training session. The step by step procedure on how to make a robot and also the coding is explained to students. iRobochakra have designed the course to make it Hands-On (even on Online platforms). If you need more details on Online training for Robotics do sent us a query in the form provided above.

School Programs

One of the fundamental goals of iRoboChakra is to inspire and excite future generations of researchers, engineers, and scientists. You are never too young to start learning about robotics and robot programming. We have developed programs specifically for children from 3rd Std to 8th Std.

But there is much more to robotics education than just teaching about robots. Students at all grade levels are fascinated with robots, and educators have found that teaching with robots provides a new and exciting way to interest and motivate their students. Robots are finding their way into the classroom to help teach science, math, mechanics, teamwork and even management skills.

We teach Robotics in schools during their regular class hours after getting associated with School Management apart from our regular on going Robotic training sessions at our center in Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore.

Through study of Robotics at our academy iroboChakra, your child will benefit from the following:

  1. Good Understanding of Science ,which he/she would study as a theory in their schools

  2. Enhancing their creative skills and imagination

  3. Good team player

  4. Each student will progress to invention of atleast one Robot machine through logical , analytical and creative thinking

  5. problem solver

College Programs

Real engineers are problem solvers.  They are given the tools only to help them solve problems using all the knowledge of physics, materials, electricity, fluids, thermodynamics, and various other subjects that must in their heads all come together.  The vast majority of engineering graduates from India will not be able to solve any real world problems.

Hence iRobochakra has a dedicated team of proffessionals who design specific workshops for college students. We conduct 2 days and 3 Days workshop after getting associated with the college management. Workshops would be focussed on latest technological microcontrollers like PIC, ADURINO, RASPBERRY Pi etc.

iRobochakra team has created a set curriculam based on the above controllers through which the students shall get a walk through of basic controller explanation to that of advanced wireless module integration, which would be explained with Robotic kits and accessories.

Corporate Programs

i Robochakra has been associated with many Corporate companies in Coimbatore, where we train their technical staff inthe latest technologies, which are in trend.

iRobochakra is proud to be associated with Texmo Industries coimbatore to train their diplomo trainees in the Raspberry pi program which is a 3 month program.

We did few workshop for luxury car brand Mercedes Benz, which involved a Robotic training workshop to the kids of their elite customers.

iRobochakra supports many interesting programs for corporate staff to relieve their work stress. The engineers are allowed to assemble and create their unique robot to complete the task given to them, wth the materials provided to them in a limited time.

They work as a team to think over and complete the task, which turns to be fun and also informative.

There are many training programs to skillup the level of Corporate engineers, employees and College faculty. Do drop in query to find out mor about it.

Engineering projects for Industries (R & D)

Apart from training , i Robochakra has an engineering and design wing, where in we take up projects from industries. We always get excited in solving the problems by the help of automation and technology. We analyse the problem statement through the discussion and provide a suitable and feasible solution to the industry based on the budget and commitment level of the industry.

iRobochakra has also created fancy automatic projects for various event such as marriages, college event inaguartion, National level competition - crowd puller projects and many more for education sector apart from the Industry only focussed solution

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Winner Robofest USA irobochakra lawrance technological university

iRobochakra had hosted this prestigious international competition in Coimbatore for the second   consecutive year this year on Jan 28th 2017. The contest had over 160 participants from which 5 Students had been shortlisted and they travelled to West Florida, USA for participating in Finals, which was held on 1 – 3 June 2017.

There were nearly 400+ participants from around the world to compete for ROBOFEST 2017 in Finals which was held in West Florida USA. Our team consisting of 2 Students from Delhi Public School was trained by iRobochakra who had made it to the First Prize in the Trial round of JUNIOR BOTTLE SUMO game category and also have achieved their position till Semi finals in the same category at this

International event at USA.


Arun Rajeev , Managing Director , iRobochakra said “We are immensely proud of our students winning in this championship. The kind of exposure they get in international platforms like this facilitates quick learning,motivates and widens their horizons. Robotics as a subject enhances logical and problem solving abilities of students, which is a reason why everyone should learn the subject”.

Online robotics training
School Programs
College programs
Robofest Winner
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