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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is ARDUINO Microcontroller?

Arduino microcontroller is an open source embedded system, designed specially for the student community to start their journey into the world of Reasearch and Product development. First prototype was launched in 2005, but even after 15yrs it is still a hot product to learn how to control hardware by software coding. The student community in the world uses this to create amazing realtime projects.

2. Why should my child learn ARDUINO?

If your child is an enthusiastic student an is interested in creating or innovating things around him or is curious about how certain things works, then learning this Arduino program shall leverage his talent and confidence into creating / innovating many things. It is basically, whether you want your child to be an OPERATOR or a CREATOR of things.

3. He has many online classes? Don’t know whether he will have time for this?

We do realise that many students have a lot of Online classes from their school but our timings are 100% customised by the student. We have created slots from 11am to 7pm, and then we share the calendar with the student, where the student selects the preferred timing slots suitable to them. Mostly Saturday and Sunday too are working for us.

4. What is the maximum time for completion of program?

The course is for 16 hours, there is no limitation in duration , student can select how many hours per week, from 2hours/ week to 5 hours/week. It is 100% customisable according to student convience.

5.What is the benefit of learning this microcontroller? He might not be interested in this electronics field in future.

Statistics tells that children from the age group of 12 onwards, if they are interested in certain field and if they are nurtured well in that particular field, there is a 90% chance that they might excel in that particular field. So if your child has an interest towards creating / innovating things, then this program would be a stepping stone for them to understand and analyse “how things work”. Moreover this is not just an electronics program, it is a creator program where the child feels empowered and confident to get into Research and product development in future.

6.What happens after 16 hours class and still he has doubts, will you extend the classes?

Our classes are 1 on 1 classes, where in the trainer guides him through the program step by step of coding and executing, asking the student to take notes at every stage. Even after that if the student requires 1 or 2 classes to clear their doubts, we shall be happy to do that for our students.

7.Why do my child need to have the Starter kit?

We believe in learning by doing projects. After over 5 years of educating students in schools and colleges, one thing which we understood is that what the students learn by doing / experiencing themselves, stays with them for a longer time , when compared to listening, reading or writing. That is the reason, we want your child also to experience and learn by doing projects.

8. What all are there in the starter kit?

We have Arduino Microcontroller board, Connecting wires, IR sensor, Potentiometer, Robot construction chasis, Motors , tyres, screws, Ultrasonic sensors etc.

Basically you would get everything to learn the basic and mid level programming and working with Arduino.

9. What happens , if I make the payment now? Can you tell me the process.

Once your payment is received,

  1. we shall be sending you a confirmation email along with a form to collect your address details to courier the Starter kit.
  2. Courier tracking number shall be provided to you.
  3. Once the starter kit reaches at your place, upon your confirmation,
  4. we shall sent you our calendar to schedule your classes,
  5. The the classes start as per schedule.
  6. Once course is completed certificate shall be issued.

10.What happens if I don’t make the payment before the offer gets over?

The special value offer vanishes. You may still join the program whenever you want at actual pricing and no bonus offers (i.e. Rs 7999/-)

11. Is it a video recorded course or live training course?

It’s a live 1 on 1 course, where in our trainer engineer shall guide the student step by step into coding and executing. This method is the much closer to a staff standing next to your child and teaching them. We donot have videos, instead we ask the students to take notes.

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Starter Kit FREE